remote energy monitoring and controls

See the CRS Difference.

No matter what industry you operate within, if you need to collect and transform any critical data into actionable real-time information and business applications, CRS can make it happen.

Customers across a broad spectrum of industries use our management software and data capture solutions to fulfill their need for large scale data collection, processing, integration, latest technology browser and mobile-based dashboards, as well as industry-specific analytical, reporting, management, and real-time change of state notification and alarming tools – diverse Fortune 500 companies, utilities, large commercial energy consumers, and energy service providers, wildlife and pest control, hospitals, hotels, big box retailers, manufacturers, colleges and universities and many more. CRS monitors and captures a virtually unlimited number of metrics such as electricity, water usage, natural gas, steam, temperature, humidity, power on/off status, status of remote monitored cage traps, and many more data points even from the hardest to reach remote assets and data sources.


Demand Response Solutions

Our Demand Response customers range from those who need specialized services such as installation services or data analytics and event dispatch services to the full range of products involving data acquisition, management, storage, market integration, event performance settlement reports and end user customer training and support.


Data Analytics and Dashboards

The situational awareness made possible by CRS’s automated data collection, data integration, and data management software allows you to better monitor, analyze, report on, and intelligently manage multi-source data from virtually any resource or sensor, such as electricity, water, natural gas, steam, temperature, humidity, and any other measurable source data critical to the successful operation of your particular organization.


Data Collection Solutions

Whether it’s energy data, water consumption, gas usage, power outage notification, changes in temperature or any other key metric, CRS has solutions to install its customized data acquisition systems to capture interval and change of state data and put it into a usable format to analyze, report on, and alarm against.


Consulting and Professional Services

CRS has substantial expertise in software and technology development, integration, and the implementation of robust IT infrastructure systems capable of handling large scale data from multiple metering and sensor technologies in the field.


Technology Partnering

CRS has partnered with, and continues to partner with, companies who provide complementary products and services to a broad customer base.  Current partnerships include demand response portfolio managers and energy traders, transmission and distribution system monitoring solution providers, Smart Grid middleware providers and integrators, major wireless carriers, and consulting firms.