field data gathering

Data Collection Solutions

CRS provides a variety of data capture hardware, real-time data collection, and change of state notification solutions to best fit a customer’s business requirements and budget.

CRS’s data collection and installation team has been together for 14 years and understands the need for flexible solutions as there is no “one size fits all” approach in our industry. Easy integration of existing data capture devices along with customized firmware and natively developed technology allows CRS to tackle new projects with the right solution and with flexibility and rapid deployment that is not matched by other vendors.

Some examples of our Data Collection Solutions include:

  • Wireless data recorder and Mesh Network data collection solutions for utility scale interval meter data. LAN-based data collection through outbound only connections and data export solutions
  • Interactive automated remote relay driven solutions for monitoring and remote start of emergency distributed generators.
  • Interfacing with third party Building Management Systems (BMS) to effectuate real-time “automated demand response”.
  • Implementing Application Programming Interfaces “(APIs”)” for import of key metrics from a variety of data sources such as real-time location-based prices, transmission and distribution congestion levels, weather etc.
  • Implementing and enabling the collection of critical data points from remote sensor technology, even from the hardest to reach remote assets and data sources.