About CRS

Conservation Resource Solutions (CRS) came to life in 2004 when its founders saw the need to develop a cost effective, automated, and scalable solution to collect and manage large scale real-time remote data from electric utility meters and provide operating platforms to support emerging utility and non-utility provider “demand response” initiatives. Demand Response programs incentivize large energy consumers to reduce their electricity demand at certain times to maintain power grid reliability and respond to electricity price signals.
In 2005, CRS launched its web-based iEMS platform for ISO New England’s Real Time Electricity Demand Response Market where we have managed over 2,000 end use customer sites. Multiple releases of new versions of our browser and mobile application continue to provide valuable energy management tools in support of our customer base.

In anticipation of the growing need for real-time data collection and management across all other industries, CRS has developed solutions and platforms for real-time data capture, storage, analysis and reporting from virtually any data source and unit of measure – water usage, gas, steam, temperature, humidity, power on/off status, status of remote monitored cage traps, and many more – you choose the data you want to see and CRS can collect and integrate it into a decision platform with a portal to manage, report on, receive alarms from, and take action on critical thresholds and changes of state related to your data values.

Headquartered in Atlanta, CRS is a 100% privately held corporation and owns all of its natively developed software. CRS operates under a hosted by CRS Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) and licensing business model. CRS also has the flexibility to provide imbedded on-premise software solutions for its customers.

CRS’s “Conservation Through Technology” approach is more than a slogan. It is our mission to continually develop technology that drives efficiencies and smarter decisions through our data collection, integration, automation platforms, and industry-specific applications. In an increasingly data-driven world, CRS enables our customers to have first class, enterprise level data and situational awareness faster and more affordably.