utility monitoring


The Platform That Runs The Data

CRS’s platform was natively developed and built from the ground up providing our customers with a single, cohesive, and integrated platform with multi-modular functionality. We are NOT a compilation of third party tools, acquisitions, and licensed products.


Data Integration

True data integration is agnostic to the source, as well as flexible to the destination. CRS has the ability to take data in from a wide variety of data types, normalize the input, then store it in a data structure that allows the data to be exported to almost any destination or reporting tool.

Increasingly, data-driven organizations rely on CRS to integrate critical multi-source data into business applications and automate their business processes to enable more informed real-time decisions, drive efficiencies, and increase competitiveness along with profitability.

Data Management, Storage, Validation, Editing, and Estimation.

CRS’s Meter Data Management System (“MDMS”) is a back end system capable of importing, processing, storing, managing (including validating, editing and estimating) massive amounts of real-time interval meter data and other source data as well as exporting data collected from various external meter data and other sources (the head end systems). CRS’s MDMS is the definition of a “Big Data” capability and was the 2nd largest MYSql database in 2008 only behind Ticket Master.


Asset Management Tools

CRS provides full integrated Management Dashboards allowing our customers and their authorized users to monitor, analyze, and act upon key data metrics critical to their operations. CRS Dashboards and web portals are known for their user friendliness and focus on essential information needed by our customers to manage their operations.

Data Analytics and Performance Reporting

The Business Analytics and Intelligence Capabilities of CRS’s platform provides portfolio managers of multiple assets and facilities as well as their individual customer assets with the means to better analyze, report on, and intelligently manage data metrics critical to their operations.

In the electricity sector, CRS’s real-time demand response performance measurement capability provides asset portfolio managers and their end use customer assets with the ability see their actual performance in a demand response event in real-time.

As another example, CRS uses predictive analytics to support proactive demand and cost management initiatives such as system wide peak demand management and transmission and distribution demand management.


Event Alarms and Notices

CRS’s multi-modal notification system provides a high volume multi-threaded solution capable of dispatching thousands of points of communication within minutes via automated email, text and phone notifications, triggered by a change of state such as demand, price or temperature threshold alarms, demand response activations for power grid reliability, and other customizable parameters.